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Acting & Singing Workshops and Business of the Business Seminar

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Second Saturdays: Workshops for Acting & Singing!

Day/Time: 5-7pm the second Saturday of the month
Location: Jennifer’s Studio, 5 mins N of Stokes Elementary, Rome; call for specific address/directions
Participants: Open to Jennifer's private studetns & anyone who wishes to 'drop-in'; Minimum of 5 participants, maximum of 10. Beg-Adv welcomed!
Cost: $20 per participant
Reservations + payment: no later than 2 weeks before the workshop date

The first 30 minutes will be spent on a warm-up and group exercises. Then small group exercises/games will follow (typically 2 or 3 actors in a ‘scene’). Each participant will get one-on-one time to develop their own personal acting skills with the final goal to be a ‘polished’ monologue. This workshop is open to Jr High – adult and is also suitable for someone wanting to develop their public speaking skills.
2015: Aug, Oct, Dec
2016: Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec

The first 20 minutes will be spent on a group vocal and physical warm-up, followed by 10-15 minutes of stage presence exercises. Each participant will get one-on-one time to develop their song of choice with the final goal of having a solid repertoire book for any future endeavors. This workshop is open to all ages and is suitable for all skill levels.
2015: July, Sept, Nov
2016: Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov

The Business of the Business Seminar

This 2.5 hour seminar is available 'on demand'. If you are interested in bringing it to your organization or group of interested friends, please contact Jennifer.
For all ages of performing artists (singers, actors, dancers, models).
NOTE: Under 18 participants must be accompanied by an adult. (No charge for the accompanying adult.)

This is a MUST ATTEND seminar for:
  • Beginning Performing Artist who wants to make an intelligent career or hobby choice (ie- know what you are getting into)
  • The Performing Artist looking to take their craft to the highest artistic level

  • Fee of Seminar: $30
    NOTE: Need a minimum of 6 participants for the seminar to run.

    Seminar Topics Include:
    1. Required Business Tools
    2. Headshot And Resume
    3. Working Office Space
    4. Knowing Your Product
    5. Improving Your Craft
    6. Your Marketing Plan
    7. The Audition
    8. The Job Search
    9. Taxes
    10. I Have An Agent, Now What?

    All Participants Must Bring
  • Headshot & Resume (If Available, Not Required)
  • Notebook & Pen or Pencil