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Jennifer grew up as a tom-boy who was thrilled by the glow of fireflies and the music of Lawrence Welk. With the cornfields of Iowa as the backdrop to her hometown of Carlisle, Jennifer learned the satisfaction of a job well done and developed a healthy sense of competition. The neighborhood was filled with kids who would gather to play kick-ball, race home-made go-carts, see who could climb the tree fastest or catch the most fireflies. Their energies were always replenished by Mom's special chocolate chip cookies and kool aid. Sunday nights were Family Night and began with a huge bowl of popcorn and watching The Lawrence Welk Show. Curled up in "Dad's black recliner", Jennifer recalls that "the slow, pretty songs always made me cry. I didn't understand it at such a young age, but I relished the fact that music and song can truly touch our souls.

Jennifer's interest in singing began very early. She humorously claims her desire to sing prompted her to learn to read. "I wanted to sing the hymns in church, but not knowing the words made that difficult." Throughout grade school and high school she sang in choirs, played many leading roles in the school plays and performed with Celebration Iowa, a touring production cast with the 'cream of the crop' of Iowa's musically gifted teenagers. Her desire to perform was enhanced by attending Luther College on a vocal scholarship.

Initially she chose to major in pre-medicine, but this denial of her true talents only added flame to the fire once she switched to earn a theater-dance degree. Jennifer graduated and went onto dance with Co'Motion Dance Company for two years before moving to NYC where she still resides. The past twenty years she has traveled all over the country performing regionally, nationally and on internation cruise ships productions of plays, musicals, films and her one-woman musical cabarets. In addition to her love of the stage, Jennifer enjoys journaling, baking, hiking, watching Lawrence Welk re-runs and catching fireflies with her nephew.

With a voice and a stage presence that has captivated audiences across the country, Jennifer Bernstone's soprano voice has been hailed as the voice of a nightingale and heard in such roles as Guenevere (Camelot), Johanna (Sweeney Todd), Grace (Annie), Liesl (The Sound of Music) and on stages in 46 of the 50 States. Ms. Bernstone has also taught, guest lectured and been an artist-in-residence for all age levels (3 years old through college) in 45-minute class periods, single afternoon programs, after-school programs and in-school full-time one and two week workshops.

She began teaching while still in college where she took a series of classes entitled "Artists in the Schools." Since then she has participated in residencies through the Co-Motion Dance Company, taught for the New York City Parks and Recreation Department (both summer and after-school programs) and has been involved in and lead Q&As on a wide variety of creative performance projects the past 20 years. Her desire to share her knowledge, skills and gifts with students is a deep-rooted desire that began in 1991 when she was cast for the first time as a performer with Celebration Iowa. She was subsequently hired as a performing/teaching staff member. Ms. Bernstone currently resides just north of Rome, NY where she teaches voice, piano and acting privately in her studio and classes at a variety of venues such as the Rome Art and Community Center and the YMCA.